Holy Spirit School will be transitioning to a new uniform during the 2022/23 academic year. During this time, students may continue to wear the approved uniform from prior years, or they may wear the new uniform, as outlined on this page. All students are expected to come to school each day in an approved Holy Spirit School uniform. At the start of the 2023/24 academic year, all students will be expected to be in the new uniform. Please see below for the uniform guidelines.

HSS Academic Uniform - 2023/24

Note: The warm weather uniform is worn September 1 - October 15 and May 1 - June 30.

The cold weather uniform is worn October 1 - May 15.

When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees during the cold weather uniform period, the warm weather uniform may be substituted at the parent's discretion.

Note: The Holy Spirit School logo is the property of Holy Spirit School and may not be used on any apparel or in any way without the expressed written permission of Holy Spirit School. The school has granted permission for Student Styles and B. Lodge and Co. to use our logo for the purchase of providing official uniforms. These are the only uniforms that are allowable under the Holy Spirit School Dress Code.

General rules

  • All students must come to school in dress code and leave in dress code.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • If pants, shorts, or skorts, etc. have belts loops a black, brown, or navy belt is required.
  • A note must be sent with the student if there is an emergency situation that arises which causes them to be out of dress code. 
  • Boys will maintain an above the collar gentleman’s haircut.

General prohibitions

  • No make-up is allowed.
  • No jewelery except stud-type earrings (girls only) and watches are allowed.
  • No low cut or no show socks.
  • No unnatural colors in hair.
  • Only clear nail polish may be worn (girls only).