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We are moving to a new lunch program for the 2018-2019 school year catered by Carmen's Bistro in Troy, NY. We will be providing information to families concerning the program at our Back to School Ice Cream Social Night. At that time, the information below will be updated.

Lunch Choices and Cost

Lunch is available each day at Holy Spirit School.



Our Program

Holy Spirit School Lunch is served by parent volunteers and catered by Carmen's Bistro in Troy, New York.


If you would like to volunteer as a lunch server, please contact the main office to find out how.


A neat and tidy appearance reflects a responsible and caring attitude, pride in ourselves and in our school. We expect that children will be properly attired each day.

General rules

  • All students must come to school in dress code and leave in dress code.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • If pants, shorts, or skorts, etc. have belts loops a black, brown, or navy belt is required.
  • A note must be sent with the student if there is an emergency situation that arises which causes them to be out of dress code. 
  • Boys will maintain an above the collar gentleman’s haircut.

General prohibitions

  • No make-up is allowed.
  • No jewelery except stud-type earrings (girls only) and watches are allowed.
  • No polo shirts with dress uniforms from October 15th-April 30th. Polo shirts for K-4 are acceptable on PE days.
  • No low cut or no show socks.
  • No unnatural colors in hair.

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