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Lunch Choices and Cost

Hot lunch is available each day at Holy Spirit school.


Daily entrees are $3.55 ea. and include the main dish, sides, and a milk.


White milk and chocolate milk are available everyday for $0.50 ea.

Our Program

Holy Spirit School Lunch is served by parent volunteers and catered by Chartwells Food Service at LaSalle Institute, Troy, New York.


If you would like to volunteer as a lunch server, please contact the main office to find out how.


A neat and tidy appearance reflects a responsible and caring attitude, pride in ourselves and in our school. We expect that children will be properly attired each day.

General rules

  • All students must come to school in dress code and leave in dress code.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • If pants, shorts, or skorts, etc. have belts loops a black, brown, or navy belt is required.
  • A note must be sent with the student if there is an emergency situation that arises which causes them to be out of dress code. 
  • Boys will maintain an above the collar gentleman’s haircut.

General prohibitions

  • No make-up is allowed.
  • No jewelery except stud-type earrings (girls only) and watches are allowed.
  • No polo shirts with dress uniforms from October 15th-April 30th. Polo shirts for K-4 are acceptable on PE days.
  • No low cut or no show socks.
  • No unnatural colors in hair.

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